Property Management System

Infinity ERP is having seperate PMS Module, covering every single detail of hotel industry, capable enough to run your hotels and restaurants efficiently.

School Management System

Major Schools have proficiently replaced their existing School Management Softwares with Infinity ERP for exceptional features and ease of use.


Infinty ERP has enough capablities with its features to handle all processes of SMEs such as procurement, material management, payroll, CRM, etc.

Restaurant & Bar Management

Simplify your restaurant's operation with fast and accurate billing and KOTs.Online Aggregator and Payments Integrations are other highlights of Infinity ERP.

Food Court Management

Infinity ERP is completly ready for integration with RFID Cards and Touch-POS to gain a complete control over your Food Court.

Theater Food Ordering

This feature is unique innovation of Infinity ERP developers enabling theater audience to order food right from their seats making it convinient to deal with the crowd.

Retail and Wholesale Traders

Infinity ERP can be an assistant for retail and wholsale traders, to manage their day-to-day business processes like inventory, banking, debtor's outstandings instantly.

Builders and Contractors

Infinity ERP is highly competent to manage material flow among the multiple sites for centralized reporting to maintain smooth work flow .


Unlike other trade, FMCG companies has to maintain their own records. Infinity ERP can handle this through integration to avoid double data entry.

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Discover the Vision

Simple solutions to complicated needs

We believe in simplicity. We have observed that the software companies blindly step forward in developing solution that the end result turns out to be extremely complex and haphazard leading to heavy training requirement for the user.

whereas, we work with a strategic approach of predetermined structure planning which result in simplified and sorted solution for utmost efficiency and convinient usage.

Extensively Simplified User Interface which allows inexperienced or low skilled personnel to run ERP conviniently.

Unlike other softwares, our software operates by exploiting the hightest potential of the hardware available to it. Moreover, the software does not require a high configuration hardware setup, making it easily accessible and optimizes performance.

Architecture of software is competent to handle varied range of database as we use contemporary world-class technology.

Infinity ERP is vastly fexible and adaptible user interface to be modified, suitable to client's needs and personal specifications. We are providing freedom to design custom reports to avoid bored common formats of Quotaions, Invoices or Purchase Orders, etc.