Weigh Bridge Integrations

SMEs not even think to systemize their business operations without integration with WeighBridges.
Zero the chance of revenue leakage being done by weighment operator in your organization.

Tally Integration

Accounting Integrations

Push your Vouchers into the Tally Accounting software with ease.
Save time and eliminate manual errors then go through with Tax Practioners for return filling.

Tally Integration

RFID Integrations

Our Hotel PMS is ready to work with RFID cards.
You can manage your food court with Prepaid RFID card POS System.
with a very cost effective solution you can prevent revenue loss in your organisation

POSist Accounting Integration Partner - Tally

Payment Integrations


Give your customers the freedom to pay online.
Our ERP provides integrations with multiple leading online payment service providers.
Accept online payments from the popular digital wallets without any hassles.



Attandence Machine Integrations

Tell your Employees to touch their finger once with attandence machines.
Leave rest on us. Do not waste time to prepare salary statement
by manual attandence. Easly monitor employee's activity.

POSist Accounting Integration Partner - Tally
POSist Integration Partner - Mobikwik

Room Lock Integrations

Integrate your key card programmer with hotel PMS.
controll your room lock with our PMS. No need to double the check-in/check-out entry with another software.

POSist Accounting Integration Partner - Tally

EPABX Integrations

Integrate your Telephone EPABX System with hotel PMS.
Let auto download the SMDR data to the server. And save revenue by controlling telephone missuse.

POSist Accounting Integration Partner - Tally