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Extensively Simplified User Interface which allows inexperienced people to run ERP conviniently.


It analyses the usage of User so as to readjust itself to provide the best User Experience.


Here at CODEPLAYERS security comes first! ERP secure your data for as long as a decade or even more.


The accuracy of ERP is incomparable. Our product comes up with NIL data corruption possibility.

Utilize Hardware

Our software operates by exploiting the hightest potential of the hardware making the most of it.

Dynamic Application Mechanism

The proposed mechanism achieves easy compatibility and acquisition feasibility under fluctuating needs.

User Level

Our ERP assists to view user session reports based on role based access control and track user activities.

Upto the Mark

We endeavor to serve companies of all sizes to reap the benefits of ERP software.

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We are 23 years experienced people providing technology solutions. We know ‘Technology’, we know ‘Computers’. We have expertise to integrate and automate the business processes.

        Our featured product is called INFINITY ERP. The word ‘infinity’ suggests endless, and therefore the Applicants expected to create endless opportunities and possibilities through creation of a software and related services. The name Infinity ERP was adopted because it aimed at creating a software which shall be cutting edge in the IT field. This software shall have multiple verticals / functions in the same interface which shall allow businesses to drastically improve their efficiencies over the long term. Every business owner shall have its own admin access within the software which creates a personalized and customized portfolio of services peculiar to the needs of that particular business.